Understanding Securd the Multi-Tenant Stucture

Understanding How Multi-Tenant Works

With Securd, you can create multiple companies. Companies can be used in a variety of ways to segregate Securd by customer, organization or other logical segregation option of your choice.

Every Securd "Company" is a separate tenant of Securd and has its own configuration. Companies are identified by their name and their global unique identifier (GUID). The GUID is a unique identifier that is associated to the tenant.

Each Company has the following unique properties and configuration:

  • Domain suffix exclusion
  • Grey wall defense state and timing
  • Log retention settings
  • Log forwarding settings
  • Alert settings
  • Pager duty integration settings
  • Branding settings

Each security policy that is within the Company will inherit the Company's properties and configuration.

Each Company has the following tenant isolation:

  • Configuration data
  • Log data
  • Security polices
  • Block lists
  • Site inventory
  • Virtual Site inventory
  • DoH Url inventory
  • Device inventory
  • DNS activity inventory
  • Administrative users

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